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N.Y. Tournaments Official Rating System

We are so very excited about how quickly and professionally our NY Tournaments Ratings System has grown. In just two years we had a unbelievable 1750 individual competitors compete in one or all of our 5 amazing tournaments. We went from 0 to close to 600 registered for our rating system alone.

For those two years we brought it to you absolutely free, but it has become a bit larger then we anticipated. So due to administration costs, ratings follow ups, and other associated event costs, we are not charging only $29.00 for the year.

You may ask - what does this get me? What does this do for me?  WIIFM - What is in it for me?

1) Each member who signs up for our rating system will have their points tracked for each event.

2) You will receive a custom patch and certificate mailed directly to your home each year that you register.

3) You will become eligible to win and be invited to our Annual Awards Banquet every year in February. Were you will receive an award for your specific divisions that you participated and won in.

4) Your name will be listed on our stand up banner for the entire tournament year presented at each tournament.

To become a member register right here in three easy steps.

If you want to register for any of our upcoming events or JUST the ratings system go to

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For info - 631 321-5432